Rusta och Matcha

Your work life partner

We can help you find new employment! We are proud to announce that one in three individuals who have participated in our program has moved on to a rewarding job or started studying. This isn’t just evidence of our success but also a clear sign that we know what it takes to help you achieve your career goals.

At Arena Workforce, we fully support you in your job search journey! In the rapidly changing job market, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of its challenges and opportunities. At Arena Workforce, we specialize in assisting people in finding an employment or education. Our goal is to help you transition into new occupation as quickly as possible.

Rusta och Matcha is for someone who wants extra support to get into employment or studies. If you are registered with the Employment Service, you may be entitled to our coaching, where the goal is to quickly get you into desired employment.


Many people need help to search for jobs or education. That’s why we’re here to provide extra support along the way! In Rusta and Matcha, you’ll have a personal career consultant who motivates, inspires, and helps you to structure a plan to reach your goals.

We will help plan your time with us and tailor the activities to your needs. We identify your strengths and match your skills with our network of employer contacts. With us, you’ll get the tools you need to quickly enter the workforce.


We will happily help you find the right education. You can book meetings with our guidance counselors, who will assist you in finding a suitable education. Our career consultants will also support you if you are looking for an education, as education is often a crucial factor in getting a job.

step one

Contact Arbetsförmedlingen about your eligibility for Rusta och Matcha.

step two

If you receive a positive response, choose Arena Workforce as your provider.

step three

When Arbetsförmedlingen has made a decision, we will contact you to schedule a meeting.

We offer you

Två glada kvinnor med krulligt svart/brunt hår njuter av en gemensam läsupplevelse och ler breda leenden medan de fördjupar sig i en bok tillsammans. En inkluderande bild som förkroppsligar glädjen och betydelsen av utbildning och gemenskap

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